Ecotourism activities which are varied as an alternative to coastal tourism aim to achieve sustainibility and save nature. National parks which basically concentrate on saving nature and serving it to the visitors are environments for ecotourism activities. In this research, Peak District National Park was investigated to find why it has been in the foreground for more than half a century with its ecotourism activities while preserving its rich nature, history and culture. It was also investigated how these preserved areas contribute to the ecotourism activities. This research is supposed to contribute to the understanding national parks about how the resources can be used while protecting and how they serve for the public. In this research, case study model as a qualitative method was used. The data was collected in the literature review including national parks’ history and functions and also the recreational sports. The website of the national park was examined. In this study, it is seen that historical, geographical and cultural elements are basically effective in the ecotourism of a national park. Also, when all the activities are run properly, the park would keep nature safe and serve for people in the long run sustainably.

Key Words: Ecotourism, National Parks, Peak District National Park, England

Abdurrahman DİNÇ*

Fatma YILMAZ**


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