Tavşan Mountain, located in the Central Black Sea part of the Black Sea Region, is between the Merzifon and Gümüşhacıköy districts of Amasya. With its challenging natural environment,
unique natural beauty and rich culture in its villages, it has great potential for ecotourism enthusiasts.This study aims to reveal the possible ecotourism activities that are suitable for Tavşan
Mountain’s potential, taking account of the currently carried unorganized ecotourism activities and the natural conditions of the region. Besides the economic benefits of the economic returns realized from mass tourism in mind, unfortunately, there are also irreversible negative effects left on our planet. However, the ecotourism activities, which are based on an organisation and designed to have the least impact on nature, will ensure efficient use of resources and their transfer to future generations as well as economic returns.The findings result obtained at the end of the study reveals that independent groups carried out activities such as amateur bird-watching, nature photography, hunting, sport fishing, camping caravan tourism, trekking, agro-tourism, paragliding, mountain tourism, paintball, festival tourism, orienteering, horse-drawn trekking, mountain biking, jeep safari (Offroad) in Tavşan Mountain. This great potential will make Tavşan Mountain a sustainable center with the necessary infrastructure and investment works.

Keywords: Tavşan Mountain, Merzifon, ecotourism, ecotourism potential

Abdurrahman DİNÇ*


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